08 November 2006

Billmon writes so I don't have to ...

From Whiskey Bar:

If, by some fluke, the Democrats were to recapture the White House, they would be well advised to go after the Rovian machine in roughly the same manner that the Russian government went after the old Communist Party after the failed '91 coup. Personally, if it were up to me, I would declare the GOP an illegal organization (as the CPUSSR was) and let honest Republicans go regroup under a new, hopefully non-criminalized brand name -- like, say, the Detox Party.

That, of course, will never happen, but if the Dems don't turn the full weight of the FBI, the DoJ and the IRS loose on the Rovians the very first chance they get, they'll just be asking for it. The Octopus will have it tentacles wrapped around throats again so fast it will make their tiny little brains pop.

And next time, they might not be so easy to peel off.

But Billmon is not quite right here. The description of the problem is spot on. What's incorrect is that we (collectively) do have the power to see that the abuses of power of the last six years -- and which began long before -- are corrected. As heartening as the results of the election are, the hard work of ensuring that our elected officials are accountable and govern well has just begun.

Damn, that feels good to write!

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