26 June 2010

Catch up

For anyone reading:

Our house was broken into in April, and stuff was stolen. It sucked. We're still picking up pieces from that incident.

My mother had knee replacement surgery for the third time at the end of May, and it was successful. At 87, that makes her both a clinical trial and a tough old bird. I'm proud of both, and that I could help her. Thanks to all for your support, friendship, prayers, and sacrifices of farm animals.

I saw the best pop/rock concert of my life (LCD Soundsystem) while in Portland helping my mother. I also ate three incredibly memorable meals, two at the Silver Grille in Silverton, and one at Le Pigeon.

Oregon is Tuscany, Provence, and Catalonia all rolled into one. Why we don't live there is an open question in the Gunn-Cory residence. Oh, the economy thing. Ooops.

Our house was broken into again in June, and more stuff was stolen. This with an alarm system. It sucked even worse than the first time we were robbed.

I guess that makes the Oregon question even more painful than ever.

That is all.