21 August 2010


Really, I didn't need to fill out a stolen passport application. Or deal with the Washington Metropolitan Police Department -- who have yet to call Apple to follow up on the "registration" of my stolen computer. Or deal with Apple, to restore the iTunes purchase on my stolen computer. Or try to reconstruct drafts of my mother's obituary and the outline of a novel. Or pull the weeds from the garden gone feral. Or deal with overcompensation from colleagues who've made teeny little mistakes in the past and have to cover their asses in the present. Or play midwife to our -- yikes, I said it -- very pregnant cat, abandoned by our former neighbors and now in our care.

Really, what I'd like more than anything is to escape everything for a few days.

That's all.

07 August 2010

Wherein I take notes (on my ‘berry)

(edited slightly for format and content. Sue me)

LCD Soundsystem, Roseland Theatre, Portland, OR May 29th, 2010

Intro music "I'm not in love" 10cc. Best FU ever. I knew Murphy was a fan.

Us and Them (Better than TH Stop Making Sense tour? It’s really close. Nancy Whang moment - she's from Portland? Was her mom really in the theatre? Cool!)

Drunk Girls (Murphy: "those are the two fastest versions of Us and Them and Drunk Girls we've played in a long time")

Get Innocuous!

Yer City's a Sucker

Pow Pow!

Daft Punk is playing at my house (channeling Nirvana)

All I want (“St. Elmo's Fire” meets Morrissey, wherein I remember (in tears) running, stoned out of my mind, through Raleigh Park on an August night in 1984)

All My Friends (with I Zimbra as a reference) - un-fracking believable.

I Can Change (Murphy can really sing, if he chooses)

Tribulations (Mosh pit w 30 and 40 year olds. Cool. Sorta glad I chose the balcony. Moshing in Spanish boots and an Armani shirt not so good)

Yeah (think "swamp thing by the Cramps." Really, I only need a cover of "take me to the river" to die and go)


Someone Great (bawling – really!)

Loosing My Edge (the live Rock Snob's Version. I admit to shouting out the lyrics I know)

New York I Love You (more SPM, through the NY Dolls -- only much, much better.)

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05 August 2010

Signs of intelligent life in the Senate, etc.

1. This is reasonably good news. I had written here that one of the ways in which we can get governance back on track is to clean out the arcane rules of the House and Senate, including reforming the rules around cloture and filibusters. That the most static of the status quo Democratic Senators (that's you, Diane Feinstein and Chris Dodd) are amongst the most vocal opponents of rules reform is telling. If memory serves me, there are a number of Senators -- Democrats and Republicans -- who in fact support reasonable rules reform in both chambers.

2. Cat Scratch Fever exists, and is extremely unpleasant. In fact, it may be more unpleasant than even the horrible Ted Nugent song. The inflammation on my wrist, combined with one particularly swollen lymph node, fever, and headache are making my life extremely unpleasant right now.