27 November 2008

Holiday Havoc

It's not a real holiday at the Gunn-Cory home if there's no plumbing disaster. This year's is the failure of our kitchen faucet, followed by the installation of a new faucet stopped just short of completion by connection lines one inch too short to reach the new faucet.

Have any idea how hard it is to find an open store on Thanksgiving?

Kmart is open. Now, let's hope they have braided plumbing line.

11 November 2008

What Radar always wanted to be

The Daily Beast. Tina Brown, back again after the debacle that was "Talk". I've read somewhere that she thought blogging was the perfect career for her. I disagree: the medium in which journalism -- real journalism -- is distributed has caught up with its best practitioners. Josh Marshall also falls into this category, as does Dave Neiwert and the late Steve Gilliard.

05 November 2008

Change we can make happen

Yesterday America voted. I'm both proud of the process and pleased with the result.

We needed change in leadership, and I believe we've made decisions that will give us a change in leadership.

For many years, this country has been governed for the advantage of the few at the expense of the many. It's time to change that.

For many years, the politics of fear have been used to bully and intimidate people. It's time to change that.

The election of Barack Obama and of a slate of national and local candidates who believe in change, who believe in governing for the benefit of all, is an important first step. Today, we all need to begin to assess what we need to change, and how we prioritize and accomplish that change.