14 July 2011

The apocalypse of words

From my beloved.  I've added a bit.

We are on the brink of a new age. 
It's all about community. 
Float this. 
Clear that. 
"ASL" is geezer speak. 
Roll your own roll-your-own. 
The words aren't what they were. 
Cry out, blogosphere! 
Splog is an aggregate noun. 
Single. Word. Sentences! 
Always be launching. 
We're about what Web 2.0 is about. 
An AJAX-driven GUI. 
The new is old. 
This will change everything. 
Hack it. 
MSM just doesn't get it. 
The buzz is loud and clear. 
It's all changing. 
You need someone who gets it. 
Social is the new push. 
We shall transcend borders. 
Label what defies categorization.
2.0 is the new New. 
This is newer media. 
Faster. Faster!
On-demand streams. 
News clouds
What's the value proposition?
Chase the short

This sounds like a fuckin' TED or Gartner Symposium keynote presentation.  No wonder I try and avoid them like a plague.