12 August 2006

Getting on with life in a mad world

As I posted here, this is my response to the latest terror threat:

We're flying to England at the end of September. And if it happens that the flight is our Satanic Verses moment, so be it. But I will not let the fundamendalists and authoritarians of the world stop my life and my work towards making a better world.

And should the very, very unlikely happen, I will come back and haunt their miserable, small minded lives.

8:50 AM
There are many things in life of which to be afraid, within reason: the loss of a loved partner, family member or friend; the lack of the financial and social support to survive in the modern world; bad fashion choices; and Paris Hilton. I've survived two of the four in the last five years. I intend to keep going, occassionally kicking ass and taking names.

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