10 August 2006

from my correspondence

Once in a great while, one is compelled to share one's correspondence, especially when it is topical, witty, and possibly erudite. Well, here goes.

Received this morning from my best friend but one:

Personal Message:
Definitely giving Alan Murray's WSJ opinion pages a run for their money as the most wing-nutty op-ed page in the country. Fucking sickening.

Mr. Lieberman's Choice

CONNECTICUT Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman's decision to move forward with an independent candidacy after his loss in the Democratic primary is a controversial choice but in this circumstance the correct one. The leaders of Mr. Lieberman's party lined up yesterday to endorse Ned Lamont, the political...

My response:

Ms. Graham continues to roll in her grave.

Bushco and Darth Cheney need Holy Joe to support their insane "unitary executive" theory. That the Post has prostituted itself as it has is disgusting.

And while it probably is "coincidence" that the latest aviation terror plot was discovered at this time, the timing is oh-so-convenient.

After attending a wedding in which the vows were modified from "until death do you part" to "until you return to God or you should pass away," I'm far more concerned about authoritarian, fundamentist Xtians and their access to nuclear weapons. Don't even get me started on the grammar, and the sheer number of references to God, Christ, or Jesus.


My best friend but one's final word:

Until you should return to God??? That's a bit presumptuous.

Rather than having Newt go on big idea tours, the Republicans should just adopt a simple theme, paraphrasing Snakes on a Plane:

The Motherfucking Rapture -- you either want to see that, or you don't.

Speaking of Heathrowpalloza, did you hear Chertoff on the radio this AM? He actually praised the efforts and coordination of our Federal government on this one, incidentally thanking the British government for sharing information. I mean, did Mary Matalin write that for him? Did he somehow miss the fact that it was wholly the effort of British intelligence and that on our end it was just some third level guy answering the phone. Go Feds!! What a colossal ass.

There. I think we've covered everything: Foreign affairs, popular culture and religion.

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