02 January 2011

Mini Killer

I love small, fast, well-built cars.  They're fun, practical, and the tiniest bit socially responsible.  It's also a market segment that is barely acknowledged in the United States: we get the BMW Mini Cooper, while Europe has the Alfa MiTo, Fiat 500, Ford Escort -- you get the idea.  Americans, it's said, won't buy small premium cars.


Take a look at how many Minis are driving around in cities.  That's a market segment, kids.

Audi seems to have realized this.  Or at least I hope so.  The pictures were taken on New Year's Day in Adams-Morgan.  Yes, it's an Audi A1, with Michigan manufacturer plates.  It's a sweet car.  Mind you, the copy  of Albert Speer's "Inside the Third Reich" sitting on the passenger seat was a bit off-putting, but still. 

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