26 September 2010

Wherein the present becomes the future

No, I didn't take a video of William Gibson as he was reading from "Zero History" or responding to questions from the audience.  I sure as hell used my 'berry to record my thoughts.  And here they are:

Obsessive need to buy books. "Zero History," of course.  Picked up trade paper copies of "Neuromancer" and "Count Zero."  Fanboy nervous. Also Killcullen and McPhee.  The Killcullen is for MMF. Will read first. Kilcullen's the most important military thinker since Lawrence.

Watching and listening to the staff and acolytes is funny. From Eno c. 1973 to Comic Book Guy and the usual washington technorati.

Powell's v. Politics and Prose: no contest. Powell's.  Why do we stay in this miserable town?

And the battery is dying. Can I be surprised at my 'berry's intransigence? Of course, an iPhone wouldn't be any better.

Men to women ratio: ten to one - at least. I've seen more women at The Eagle!

Glad I got here early.  It's packed.

Gibson looks like an Oregonian.  Yah Oregon!

Gibson sounds like a less fucked up William Burroughs.  And reading, it becomes a real profound similarity.

And the Bigend/Bell connection - terrifying. 

Milgram is more fascinating all the time.  And Bigend - more terrifying. 
Gibson talking on his characters and his process is fascinating.

Cornell boxes. Ah. I never saw the Bridge as a great Cornell box.  But it makes sense.  And I am eternally grateful to Gibson to introducing me to Joseph Cornell with "Count Zero."

Gibson is wicked smart and savvy.  Imagine this is what a reading with Twain would have been like.

Comparing Hollywood movie production to slime mold. Brilliant.

Does no one know how to ask a question?  Answer: yes.

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