18 February 2010

Pull the band aid off

There is much gnashing of teeth and wailing in the blogosphere about the "go slow" approach to the repeal of "Don't ask don't tell". To which I say, "pull the band-aid off". The same is true for, oh, let's say, health care reform, campaign finance reform, tax policy, etc. Apparently the shrinking violets who populate the Capitol, and their eager to please minions who swarm Capital Hill aren't willing to make enemies with the people who pay for campaigns and with whom they drink and eat at horrifying benefit dinners and in mediocre restaurants in DC (Lauriol Plaza anyone?).

Pull the band-aid off.

The wounds that our polity has suffered aren't getting any better by covering and coddling them. The treatment -- open air, some astringent medicine, and possibly cutting away some of the rotten bits -- aren't pleasant, aren't easy, and aren't expensive. This is simple political medicine. Do something. Hold politicians and bureaucrats accountable. Change directions if necessary.

But the consequences for not doing anything are severe: the patient -- our republican government -- will continue to suffer, decline, and rot.

Just pull the band aid off.

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