15 December 2009


I've been quiet on the blog front because I really haven't had that much to say, and have been too tired to say it, even if I did.

But watching the growing fiascos on health care and foreign policy, I have just one comment:


Democrats, you seriously need to understand how to use the rules of the House and the Senate, understand that some people (Joe Lieberman) never were your friends and allies, and act decisively to keep them from doing any more damage.

Republicans, there still is hope of redemption for you. I know you think Jesus will save you. But if you're willing to postpone that long game, being responsible advocates for limited government and small business would be a really good goal. And would save you from the abyss of hate that you currently stand at the edge of.

Politics in a republic should not be a cage match, or a screaming contest, or a mad race to write checks to lobbyists and public relations firms. It's about representing your constituents, not who writes you checks. I don't think the Founders ever intended for elected officials to become prostitutes for campaign funds.

That is all.

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