05 February 2009


Listen, Senators and Representatives.

Take your ridiculous stimulus package and bury it. Then try again. Here's your plan:


Reverse the direction of the United States with regard to the concentration of wealth and the systematic degradation of the human capital and physical infrastructure.


  • Progressive taxation on earned income from minimal to say, 50% on income above $1,000,000.
  • Capital gains taxed as income.
  • Incentives for individual savings in insured financial vehicles.
  • Immediate reduction of Federal spending on Defense.
  • Immediate increase in Federal spending on infrastructure, including social infrastructure (education and health care).
  • Development of a regulatory framework for financial institutions to ensure that reasonable and prudent risk is rewarded fairly -- but that speculative risk can and should fail
  • Forced liquidation of assets of financial institutions, nationalization of failed banks, followed by a period of recapitalization and a privatization of the banks, allowing the United States citizens to achieve a return on investment for the risk we assumed in saving the financial classes collective asses.

Accept nothing less. This is an national, even global emergency. If we don't do this now, the consequences are dire.

Now get to work, assholes.

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