26 October 2008

La Noonan, c'ette fin

Cross posted (and expanded) from a comment I wrote at Hullabaloo.

I'll admit over the last forty or so years I've said some intemperate things about the man to whom Peggy Noonan acts as hagiographer, Ronald Reagan. Most of them have been based on things he (or his cronies) actually did. Not to mention the other Republicans about whom Peggy and her claque support long after any pretense or patina of "conservatism" has worn off their shiny, corporatist, authoritarian foreheads.

Peggy and company have lied from whole cloth since the ascendancy of Bill Clinton, and have engaged in "discourse" that would have them ejected from a high school extemporaneous debate for ignorance. Now that one of their own -- or properly, not of their kind -- has gotten the spotlight, Reagan's 11th commandment has been conveniently forgotten.

Well Peggy, Charles, David and Ann, you aided and abetted the creation of the monster that is Sarah Palin, you damn well better be ready to take care of her and what she leads the base to.

One of my dearest friends absolutely loves Peggy. And for perhaps three columns this spring, I thought I might understand her love for the Pegster. But alas, as the claque heads for the exit, there's not getting around the fact that whatever crocodile tears they're crying now fail to make up for the fact that as apologists for this mad experiment in "free markets" and "conservatism" we've endured the last 28 years (the Clinton hiatus counts only as a brief recovery, since Bill's "triangulation" prevented substantive change in right direction, only making the horror less worse than it might otherwise have been) saying "we were wrong" is about as convincing as John McCain on the stump: not.

With some luck, we will as a Republic and an a polity survive this mess. But I don't think there's salvation or redemption for la Noonan, Krautheimer, Brooks, Will, both Kristols, Coulter, or any of the others of the right-wing Wurlitzer which appears to be bleating a final Apocalyptic spasm of hate and fury.

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