22 August 2008

Beeee-yotch Slap

There are so many things wrong with the New York Times editorial pages these days. I could abide William Safire as the Time's example of a conservative. But John Tierney? William Kristol? Please. Spare me the odious claptrap that flowed from their pens. Don't let me start on Tom "The World is Flat" Friedman, because whatever I will say will be misconstrued as being biased against free trade and capitalism.

Sure, Krugman's there, and Bob Herbert, and I enjoy and respect both. Except for them, the pages have become as bad as the Wall Street Journal.

But one stain more than any other violates the pages: Maureen Dowd. And James Wolcott delivers one of his patented ripostes to her latest emission.

To which I say: Bravo, Wolcott, bravo!

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