06 December 2005

Playing catch up

Part of my problem as a blogger is that my life occasionally overtakes my intention to post regularly. So this post, and the previous post both have been floating around my journal/blackberry/email inbox for a while. I promise more up-to-date adventures soon. And let’s do lunch. No, I mean it. Really.


In the headlong rush to get out the door after a long holiday weekend, I found no pens in my messenger bag. Which delayed writing an amusing entry on new music that sounds like 1970s French porno soundtracks. I promise I’ll get to it. Really.

Although I've used digital technology since I was in third grade (that's over 30 years, for those of you keeping track) I've refused to abandon pen and paper for my address book and my journal. For 11 years I used a magnificent Filofax. This year I lost it, and have been adrift ever since. For those of you who might read this (and wondered about the lack of phone calls and birthday cards), consider it explained if not apologized.

I think -- seriously think -- that I'm about to take the plunge and use a combination of media to organize my life. The journal will remain paper. But my personal and professional calendars are moving to digital media. My iPod will be the display mode for calendar and contacts, and I think a new cell phone is in order, too.

But how I will miss the annual ritual of replacing the old year's pages with a new year! And I will also miss the equal pleasure of leafing through a year's events with pride (and occassionally, regret).

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