02 November 2005


I've been busy in other places in the blogosphere (is it really like de Chardin's noosphere?), at home, and at work. We've had an interesting week here in Washington, and I'm carefully picking my tee and and pulling a club for a shot down the fairway on politics. Oh yeah.


Anonymous said...

Hey man, I always thought the nickname was "Scorry" with two R's.

- GMar (only 1 R either way)

scory said...

gmar --

nope. but then, about 50% of people spell my last name "corey", and I've seen "corry", "corrie", "quarry", and "carey". Doesn't bother me at all any more.

Anonymous said...

There are an awful lot of nicknames which, depending on the context, are more or less appropriate. I, for instance, have always been fond of "SnuggleMonkey."

- LoveDog