09 October 2005

A short editorial note and a statement of purpose

I've been a computer user for far longer than I care to admit, and have made a career in and around information techology. But for reasons far too complicated to explain, I've chosen never to learn how to code in HTML. So I apologize at the outset of this endevor for the low-tech appearance of the blog. Change is coming, in the form of a custom template courtesy of my tremendously talented domestic partner (known in these parts as Gsquared), whose business it is to make digital media appropriate for the purpose it is to serve. Bear with me as I come up to speed.

This project is meant to be fun -- fun for me to write, and fun for you to read and comment on. When it stops being that, it will stop. That being said, like a good dinner, there should be lots of variety of taste, color and texture, served first with a cocktail and followed with dessert and coffee. Wine, of course, will match the courses. Beer may be substituted when appropriate.

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This blog's owner said...

Hey don't worry about a thing... you'll do fine. Have you read some of the blogs out there? You sound coherent... that's leaps and bounds above some of the other stuff out there... ;o)